Reinvigorate, rebuild, and renew.

Natural way to improve brain function, energy levels, and overall health. NAD infusion therapy can help you feel revitalized and recharged. Our NAD IV Treatment combines a powerful formula of hydration and anti-inflammatory medications with our specialized NAD therapy to improve brain function and promote cell rebuilding. Our NAD treatment is also known to enhance overall well-being and boost energy levels.




500 ml Normal Saline

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

Bacteriostatic Water



Anti-Nausea Medication

The Benefits

NAD IV therapy is an essential treatment for optimal neurological and metabolic function. As we age, the level of naturally produced amino acid NAD decreases, resulting in lower energy levels and cloudier brain function. However, with our NAD IV Treatment, cells are restored, reinvigorated, and renewed. By delivering a concentrated dose of NAD directly into the bloodstream, our IV treatment bypasses the digestive system, allowing NAD to be absorbed quickly and efficiently. This results in boosted neurological and metabolic activity, higher energy levels, and increased mental clarity and wellbeing. Additionally, our NAD IV Treatment aids weight loss, mood, and energy, and relieves symptoms of depression, brain fog, and anxiety. Overall, the course of NAD IV Treatment nourishes brain regeneration and restoration, while decreasing complications in the body due to aging.

How our treatment works?

Our IV treatment delivers a concentrated dose of the enzymatic mixture to the cells upon injection into the bloodstream. In this way, NAD bypasses the digestive system and is able to be absorbed rapidly. The course of the NAD IV Treatment will nourish brain regeneration and restoration while decreasing complications in the body due to aging.


The treatment is perfect for those who experience:

Chronic fatigue
Depression and anxiety
Weak muscles and nerves
Mental fog


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