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Having a few glasses of wine at dinner or popping a few bottles at a party is fun. However, we all know what usually comes next isn't fun – waking up the next morning dehydrated, with a headache, and without enough energy to get out of bed. These agonizing flashbacks of the evening before tend to spoil your day and disrupt your normal functioning. Therefore, to be back on the game, you'll need to seek effective hangover relief, which is exactly what you get with hangover IV treatment.



IV treatment has proven a viable hangover treatment, with plenty of advantages for individuals who take it. A few of these benefits include:

Every time you get intoxicated, your body experiences fluid loss, altering the normal functioning of your brain and other body tissues. However, IV therapy can treat a hangover by providing your body with adequate nutrients and fluid. Best part? You'll get to hydrate much quicker than you would by drinking water, helping you reduce migraine and headache symptoms.

Besides migraines, hangovers also bring about a loss of energy, which then alters your optimal performance. IV for hangovers includes electrolytes that come in handy in elevating your energy levels. You'll feel energized almost instantly as the electrolytes are introduced directly into your bloodstream and in maximum amounts.

It's no news that drinking too much alcohol could make you lose cognitive function and mental clarity. That's why drunk people tend to have abnormal behavior as they don't have complete control over their mental function. By delivering essential vitamins and nutrients, hangover IV treatment helps clear any impurities out of your brain, enhancing your cognitive function and mental clarity.

Besides losing fluids, taking alcohol also leads to losing minerals and nutrients. Luckily, hangover IV boasts important minerals and nutrients, which are delivered in significant amounts directly to your bloodstream for quick restoration and replenishment.

It's common to wake up depressed or in a bad mood after a fun night out drinking. And for some, the hangover could turn out even worse from body pain. Thankfully, IV therapy for hangovers features essential vitamins and nutrients that can help you feel livelier and relieve you of any discomfort. Moreover, you can also access IV treatment with additional pain medications for quicker pain relief.

Can an IV help a hangover?

Short answer? IV treatment can help eliminate a hangover by addressing its many unpleasant symptoms, including fatigue, nausea, dehydration, body pain, headache, bad mood, etc.

So, whether you mistakenly went overboard on the champagne at dinner or rather drank too much at a party, you could benefit from hangover IV therapy. It's also an ideal option for people who have an important meeting, event, or presentation the day after and need to be on their feet. It wouldn't look good for you if you showed up for a crucial presentation feeling and looking sick, and luckily, you won't have to, thanks to hangover IV therapy.


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What IV Is Used for a Hangover?

Generally, hangover IV therapy is undoubtedly the ultimate solution for having too much to drink the previous night. This treatment features various minerals and vitamins, including sodium lactate or sodium chloride solution fortified with electrolytes, folate, and B-group vitamins. Let's break down each of these contents a bit.

Sodium lactate solution, also known as Lactated Ringer solution, is a water-based solution comprising potassium, sodium, lactate, and chloride ions. This solution aids in the rapid replenishment of fluids lost to alcohol consumption.

Folate is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes the formation, development, and maintenance of new cells, which can prove beneficial when recovering from a hangover.

Group B Vitamins are vital for energy generation and also play a role in detoxification, enabling you to recover from the negative aftermath.

Electrolytes, which typically comprise potassium and sodium, are essential minerals that aid in hydration. They contribute to regulating the body's fluid balance and are necessary for optimal muscle activity.

Other key nutrients included in hangover IV therapy, like magnesium, zinc, cobalamin (B12), thiamine (B1), and riboflavin (B2), have all been proven to help address various hangover symptoms.

How Fast Can an IV Get Rid of a Hangover?

It's a common belief that chasing each shot or glass of booze with a glass of water can help you overcome the hangover problem the next day. And while that may help to some degree, it's important to understand that water isn't the only thing required to rehydrate and recover. After all, dehydration is only but one of the many hangover symptoms. Better put, drinking alcohol introduces other toxins to your body, causing headaches, nausea, and vertigo, not to mention the loss of other minerals and nutrients. So, drinking water isn't quite the ultimate hangover solution. While most hangovers pass within 24 hours, most people opt for IV treatment for quicker relief as the effects are overly unpleasant, and letting them go away naturally could take 'forever.' A typical IV therapy session takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes.

Final thoughts

Hangovers suck. But thankfully, you don't have to endure the discomfort they come with, thanks to Liquid Life's hangover IV therapy. Besides quick, effective hangover relief, you can enjoy more benefits, including immunity and energy level boosts, enhanced cognitive function, mineral and vitamin replenishment, and more. Even more impressive, you don't need to leave your home's comfort to access our hangover IV therapy. Our dedicated team of physicians is more than willing to come to you at your preferred place of convenience. So go ahead and book your IV therapy with us today.

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