Myers Cocktail IV

The ultimate combination for relaxation and restoration.

The Myers Cocktail IV Treatment is a unique combination of ingredients designed to eliminate pain, recharge your power, and soothe ailments from asthma and allergies to exhaustion and infections. This classic cocktail, built upon the work by the late John Myers, MD, works to combat respiratory illness, fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, sinus conditions, and more.




1000 ml Normal Saline



Vitamin C

Magnesium Chloride

Myers Cocktail IV Benefits:

Myers Cocktail IV Benefits:

Advantages of Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

  • Quick Symptom Relief: Targets discomforts like migraines and colds efficiently.

  • Direct Nutrient Absorption: Facilitates rapid delivery of vitamins to cells.

  • Energizing Effect: Elevates energy by replenishing essential nutrients.

  • Immune Enhancement: Strengthens immune defense against various ailments.

  • Broad Application: Beneficial for conditions from fibromyalgia to seasonal allergies.

  • General Health Support: Contributes to overall wellbeing and disease protection.

Treatment Efficacy

The Myers Cocktail IV Therapy directly introduces a specialized blend of nutrients into the bloodstream, allowing for swift absorption by the body's cells. This method circumvents the digestive process, which can often diminish the effectiveness of nutrients taken orally. The carefully balanced solution comprises hydrating fluids, antioxidants, and electrolytes, fostering cellular rejuvenation, bolstering both mental and physical performance, and enhancing immune system responsiveness.

This therapy is particularly beneficial to individuals experiencing deficiencies in energy or nutrition and aims to:

  • Revitalize the body's overall well-being

  • Fortify mental clarity and bodily strength

  • Support immune health

  • Provide rapid recovery from various physical stresses

At Liquid Life, each IV therapy session is curated to individual health prerequisites and administered by professional nurses, ensuring a commitment to quality and concentration of our distinctive formulas.

Treatment Efficacy
Myers Cocktail IV

The treatment is perfect for those who experience:

Chronic fatigue
Muscle spasms
Asthma attacks

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