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Created in 2020, Liquid Life IV Infusions is the creation of sisters and native Los Angelenos Sylvia Mazlemian and Taline Mazlemian. To bring their unique infusion IV therapies to those who desire a personal and private experience every time. Whether at home, at the office, boat or jet, Liquid Life nurses are available to bring IV therapy directly to the client. Liquid Life strives to be the leader in the science and technology behind IV infusion therapy, offering both NAD and STEM cell infusions. Studies have shown that NAD has anti-aging capabilities and can improve chronic issues in the human body by restoring human mitrochondria. STEM cells repair damaged blood cells and can also help in bone marrow repair. Our team is dedicated to one on one personal care of our clients, working with them to fulfill their health goals, providing mobile services, liquid life offers amazing customer care, a wide variety of IV options, privacy and discretion.

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