Cold & Flu IV

Boost Your Immune System and Get Fast Relief.

Our Cold and Flu IV Treatment is a tailored solution for those seeking a fast and effective method to bolster their immune system and alleviate flu symptoms. Packed with essential vitamins like B12, Vitamin C, and minerals like Zinc, our flu IV therapy ensures your body receives the crucial nutrients for a robust immune response and quick recovery.




1000 ml Normal Saline



Vitamin C



The Benefits Of Cold & Flu IV Treatment

The Benefits Of Cold & Flu IV Treatment

Our Cold & Flu IV Treatment is more than just a remedy for symptoms; it's a holistic approach to enhance your body's immune defense. This treatment combines essential vitamins, hydration, and antioxidants, crucial for a robust immune response. It effectively alleviates common flu symptoms like fatigue and body aches, promoting faster recovery. Rich in immune-boosting nutrients such as Vitamin C and Zinc, our IV drip not only provides immediate relief but also strengthens your immune system for long-term health.

How our IV treatment works

Our Cold and Flu IV Treatment employs a targeted IV drip, delivering a synergistic blend of hydration, essential nutrients, and high doses of immune-boosting vitamins directly into the bloodstream. This approach, featuring key components like Vitamin C, Zinc, B-complex vitamins, and Glutathione, accelerates the immune response and enhances the body's ability to combat infections. By replenishing vital fluids and electrolytes lost during illness, and providing direct nutrient infusion, our treatment not only expedites recovery but also diminishes the severity of cold and flu symptoms. This comprehensive therapy ensures rapid absorption of nutrients, leading to improved overall health and a quicker return to wellness.. Learn more about the specific uses and benefits of our Cold and Flu IV Therapy.

How our IV treatment works
Cold & Flu IV

The treatment is perfect for those who experience:

Persistent Cough
Common Cold
Chronic Fatigue
Prolonged Recovery
Weak Immune System

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