Jet Lag IV

Overcome travel fatigue with Liquid Life LA's Jet Lag IV Treatment.

Jet Lag can turn an exciting journey into a draining ordeal. But what if you could reset and refresh quickly upon landing? Our Jet Lag IV infusion is specifically formulated to help combat the effects of long-distance travel. This innovative therapy restores your energy levels, hydrates your body, and aids in resetting your internal clock, helping you overcome the fatigue and disorientation commonly associated with Jet Lag. Explore how our Jet Lag IV Treatment can make your travel experience more enjoyable and less taxing.




1000 ml Normal Saline



Vitamin C



The Benefits

The Benefits

Long-distance travel often results in jet lag, a condition characterized by fatigue, insomnia, and general malaise due to the body's struggle to adapt to a new time zone. The Jet Lag IV Treatment offers an effective solution. Its immediate hydration counteracts the dry cabin air, preventing the onset of travel-induced dehydration. The treatment also replenishes vital nutrients lost during long-haul flights, thus boosting energy levels and strengthening the immune system. The combination of hydration and nutrition supports the body in resetting its internal circadian rhythms, aiding in faster adjustment to new time zones. This ultimately means quicker recovery, allowing travelers to maximize their productivity and enjoyment upon reaching their destination. With these benefits, the Jet Lag IV Treatment provides an essential boost for the modern traveler's wellness toolkit.

How our treatment works?

Jet Lag IV Treatment functions by addressing key physiological processes impacted by long-distance travel. Dehydration, commonly triggered by low humidity levels in airplane cabins, is swiftly mitigated by direct infusion of fluids into your bloodstream. This rapid rehydration aids cellular function and brain activity, combating fatigue and cognitive fog. The infusion also carries a tailored mix of essential vitamins and minerals, quickly replenishing what's lost during travel and boosting the body's metabolic and immune processes. Furthermore, certain elements in the blend can help adjust the body's circadian rhythm, the internal 'clock' governing sleep-wake cycles, enabling smoother transition to different time zones. Hence, the Jet Lag IV Treatment targets not only the symptoms but also the root causes of jet lag.

How our treatment works?
Jet Lag IV

The treatment is perfect for those who experience:

Sleep Disturbances
Daytime Fatigue
Difficulty Concentrating
Mood Changes
Physical Discomfort

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